Spanish pipkin (egg, paprika, chorizo, chili pepper, onion, cheese, tomato, stewed in a pan served with artisan bread) 6.50 1 person or 12.00 for 2 people
Salmagundi’s French toast (French toast with warm apple and pear & almond flakes)  4.25
Artisan bread with organic young goat’s cheese or with organic young matured cheese, chutney & arugula  4.75
Artisan bread with Jamón Iberico & ricotta  5.25
Salmagundi’s tiffin soup, artisan bread with (goat) cheese or Jamón, juice from the orchard & filter coffee or tea  12.00
Soup of the day home made soup mostly organic/vegetarian. Served with bread & herb butter or pesto  4.50
Grunniger Poffert Poffert is a mix between cake and bread (cooked au-bain-marie in a special pan). It turned out to be the best Poffert from the region, it’s served hot with butter and brown sugar  3.25
Home made cake every week something else but always tasty and of the season  3.20
Walnuts cake  1.50


Fresh orange jus 2.50
Juice from the orchard 2.50
Glass of red / white wine 3.20
Beer 2.50
Spa red/blue, cola 2.25


Espresso 2.25
Cappuccino 2.75
Latte Macchiato 3.25
Hot choclate (with whipped cream) 2.00 (2.50 with whipped cream
Tea (‘Nuts Dream’, Spicey Rooibos, Turkish Apple) 1.75
Tea with fresh mint 2.25
Pot of tea with biscuits 4.50
Filter coffee 2.00