Home made cake fresh from the oven with a Middle Eastern twist  4.0


 Le Libanais: Lebanese flatbread with goat cheese, pumpkin, caramelized red onion & pine nuts  7.5
 El Greco: gyros of roasted chickpeas with onion, lettuce, tomato & garlic sauce  7.5
 Veggie Americano: sweet potato burger with avocado, red onion, mayonnaise & kimchi  8.5
 Daily Catch: smoked trout sandwich with pickled cauliflower, fennel, red onion & aioli  8.5
 Le Marocain: wrap with merquez sausages, chimichurry, tomato salsa, red onion and arugula  8.5
 Shared lunch platter: large board with different mezze (Middle Eastern ‘bites’)  8.5 p.p
 Soup of the week: homemade soup served with a piece of bread  4.5
Shared snack platter: large board with different snacks/appetizers 8.0


Fresh orange jus 3
Juice from the orchard 2.50
Glass of red / white wine 3.20
Beer 2.50
Spa red/blue, cola, ice tea, ginger ale, rivella, tonic, bitter lemon 2.25


Espresso 2.25
Double espresso 2.5
Cappuccino 3.0
Filter coffee 2.0
Latte Macchiato 3.5
Espresso Macchiato 3.5
Hot choclate (with whipped cream) 2.00 (2.50 with whipped cream
Tea 2.0
Tea with fresh mint or ginger 2.5
Pot of tea 4.5